{the dish} grilled veggies+ baked eggplant over pasta

There is nothing better in the world then grilled veggies + baked eggplant over Quinoa pasta! Talk about fresh, and crunchy, and perfectly delicious. This is a great meal for a busy night. It is so pretty it will even win over dinner guests. The wonderful thing about Quinoa pasta is that it is gluten free and my family can not tell the difference from regular pasta. A win/win at our house!

cut up your veggies of choice. I recommend cutting the squash up a tad more then what I photographed so that they will cook through equally in comparison to the other veggies. I had to burn a few asparagus pieces to get the squash cooked well. Had I cut the pieces smaller it would have been perfecto!

grilled veggies
by amy twomey

anything you have in the fridge or love together. There is no right amount here either! I just cut up as much as I can so that I am sure to have enough to fill the grill wok + have leftovers.

last night I used: butternut squash, asparagus and brussels sprouts

I stumbled across something recently at ikea that has changed my life :: the grill wok!
Buy one, you will thank me later. I heat grill on medium heat and cover it and shaking wok regularly. *remember to use oven mitts as handle gets HOT.

baked eggplant
by amy twomey

This is a recipe my mom made all throughout my childhood that I love. I make all the time and again this makes wonderful leftovers....so make as much as you can.

wash eggplant well and cut up in thin circles placing them on a baking sheet while heating your over to BROIL :: lo.

Add pre-jarred basil pesto on top of each slice.

Add fresh Parmesan cheese to the top of each circle. Broil until cheese begins to brown then change to bake :: 200 and continue cooking until tender. Add salt to taste.

Now :: cook your Quinoa pasta (we use 2 boxes of the Andean Dream brand for a family of 5). Stir constantly with a dash of olive oil while cooking so that the pasta does not stick. Drain and serve a pile of grilled veggies and baked eggplant on top. Seriously great! Let me know if your family loved it as much as ours does!

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amy and ann said...

I can't wait to try the eggplant with pesto. That sounds like a dish all on its own. THe pasta sounds great too! Have a great weekend.