{companions} eggcellent - deviled eggs!

I must admit those brightly color eggs of easter are so fun. Turquoise, yellow, orange, lime. They were so beautiful and seems to change daily. I loved our eggs and our low key time together. After our morning together it was off to Grandma for a feast to be reckoned with.

My husbands family loves their deviled eggs. His sister makes the best ... according to my kids at least. Deviled eggs made an appearance for many a meal over at Great Grandma's house and just I loved her egg dish. White, trimmed in gold, sweet and beautiful. Every egg had its own personal lounge chair.

How is it that foods like deviled eggs trigger wonderful memories. Really if you like deviled eggs, I just bet your favorite eggs come from a family member or close friend and is surrounded with memories. It's just one of those foods!

I don't make deviled eggs very often, come to think of it I am not sure I ever have. Well there is a first time for everything. Of course I have taken some liberty here and jazzed these up a bit but good ole deviled egg are fabulous. And come on I am never going to make them as good as grandmas anyway.

Italian and Chipolte deviled eggs by ann west

the egg base:

hard boiled eggs (don't over cook your eggs. In fact I like mine just cooker or slightly undercooked. More flavor and that gorgeous yolk stays and intense yellow) split and yolks removed to a bowl
sour cream
whipping cream
lemon juice
salt & pepper

Mix the mayo and sour cream into your yolks. I was making about 6 eggs and used about 1 tbls of mayo and 1/2 tbls of sour cream. Mix a little whipping cream to smooth it out... around 1 to 1 1/2 tsp. Mix this together add a squeeze of lemon juice and salt and pepper. Make it tasty - like you like it.

The Italian Devil....

add a layer of prosciutto, your egg filling. Top with fresh basil, red pepper flakes, a shave or two of asparagus and a nip of lemon zest.

The Chipotle devil...

Mix 2 tsp of the chipotle sauce into the egg mix. Stuff your egg. Garnish with black beans, cilantro, a jalapeno and or avacado.



Lori said...

this looks SOOO good! it's totally unique.

amy and ann said...

oh delicious! the eggs look like little faces! have a great day. amy

Natalie said...

YUM! Deviled eggs are my fav. I recently made some with a secret ingredient - 1 tablespoon of white truffle oil. YUM.

amy and ann said...

White truffle oil - what an awesome idea. I can't wait to try. Thanks for sharing natalie!


Anonymous said...

Truffle oil... mmmmmm... (should be read as if you were Homer Simpson) I will go to great lengths to eat a deviled egg whenever and wherever I find them. I'm kind of obsessed... like this guy: Seth is obsessed with deviled eggs

nazarina said...

A beautiful and tasty rendition of deviled eggs!

pve design said...

the devil made me eat one! (no two)