{crave} meatloaf sandwiches

photo by amy twomey

There is nothing like a meatloaf sandwich. To think that I cringed as a kid when Mom served meatloaf! What was I thinking? I guess it was the idea of everything being all mixed up together and not having control over it. Maybe now that I make it, and know exactly what is in it...it is simply delicious. I crave meatloaf sandwiches...a lot.

meatloaf sandwhich by amy twomey


2 pieces of toasted whole foods gluten free prairie bread(from the freezer section)....yum!
meatloaf, leftovers.
ketchup(must have on both sides of the bread)

Go on now, make yourself a sandwich. You might just start craving these too.

side note: I only use best quality meat for the meatloaf. I even have a meat grinder that you can add to my kitchen aid. Brilliant. See ann's equally good meatloaf sandwhich over at dollop.


Joyce said...

I haven't had a meatloaf sandwich in ages. It isn't even 8a and now craving a sandwich! xo

amy and ann said...

I ove meatloaf sandwiches they are the best!


Char said...

meatloaf is one of those things to me that I don't like either. I think it's a texture thing.

Anna said...

i literally beg my mom to make meatloaf when i visit. and no one can ever make it the same. now i am hungry!

The Butcher Block said...

Meatloaf sandwiches sound good right now!