photo by ann west

photo by amy twomey


Boatman Geller said...

great shots. love the white on both. the string reminds me of bridget jones diary - blue string soup!


DesBisoux said...

love that string and metal shot!

Joyce said...

I love ribbon, string and twine. Both shots are very creative making every day items and a tomato art! xoxo

amy and ann said...

Amy - Don't you just love when your everyday items transforms into something great! It make me wonder how many times I miss things that are right in front of me. I love this spontaneous shot!


amy and ann said...

great photo ann! i would LOVE that framed. love it.
:) hope you have a great day!

Christina said...

awesome framing and composition.
i adore these.

Kelley said...

The upside-down spool of yarn is really striking. I love the colors.