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{delightful} Gluten Free Chocolate Candy Bites

Today's recipe is a little something sweet. Who doesn't like a good chocolate candy recipe?

I know these will be gone at my house in less then 30 minutes. Enjoy! This is a great recipe to get your kids involved in. My kids love taking turns stirring...and sampling along the way of course.
Gluten Free Chocolate Candy Bites
by amy twomey

3 packages of gluten free German Chocolate
6 c. big marshmallow's
2 c. crushed up pecans
1 T. cream

Using a double broiler melt the chocolate and marshmallow's until smooth. Add pecans and cream. Stir well. Remove from heat and begin dropping spoon size drops onto a sheet of wax paper.

Let cool and harden. I put mine in freezer to speed up process!


photo by ann west

photo by amy twomey