{nibble} drunk manchego spread

Something easy and yummy for company!

I LOVE cheese. All kinds, all textures, love it. Lately I have been taken with Manchego. I just love saying it. I feel like I should be in spain walking on a cobble stone street. I might stop in the local dive and order some wine, manchego and chorizo. Doesn't that sound fun?

here is a fun fact: Did you know that Manchego is named for the Spanish region of La Mancha, which is also the home of Don Quixote!

drunk manchego spread by ann west

1-2 wedges of an aged manchego. Ask for one with a nice bite to it!
olive oil
roasted garlic
red pepper flakes
italian seasonings, basil, oregano etc...
a squeeze of lemon

chunk your cheese and cover with olive oil. Add your spices as you like and let sit for at least 8 hours. A day would even be better. Serve with a sturdy cracker or some nice bread. enjoy!

ps. i could also see adding a little more lemon and drizzling this over grilled asparagus - yum!

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