{crave} the ultimate theta burger

All I can say is Johnnies, in OKC. If you haven't been there it is a must. A childhood staple for me. The caesar burger, the old fashioned, and the famous THETA were among my favorites from their extensive menu. The Theta though, she is a beauty!

Of course I took a little liberty on my "mock" theta burger. These are bison!

I used colby - jack .... Johnnies had good ole american (shredded for extra melt effect)! Pickles, mayo and a sweet and smokey BBQ sauce. Nothn' better!

So here it is ... be prepared ... it is not for the light at heart and fair warning it will soon become a {crave} for you as well!

The "mock" Theta by ann west

A bun - soft and friendly
your burger grilled just for you with the cheese of your choice (cheddar or colby jack)
thin sliced onion
hickory smoked thick BBQ sauce of your choice
pickles (here for my recipe) or bubbies a great brand pickle!
mayo - on the top side of the bun

There you have it friends... pure bliss!


**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

makes me want BURGER for BREAKFAST!
Mouth watering stuff!
YUM...thanks for sharing.

citymouse said...

Knowing we are having leftover pizza for dinner makes these look even more divine. I love the pickles.