{crave} mango avocado salsa

Some times this is the way life goes.

Ok so I am getting ready for a small dinner for an old friend and his wife. I don't know them very well so I want to put on a good show (so to speak). I have my menu set (salmon, roasted potatoes, brocolini, fresh tomatoes and rustic tarts for dessert) great right. Well it was all great until my good friend and I went on our weekly run early in the am. About 2 miles in and a good mile and 1/2 from my house I see it.

I had to stop. Its in me ... I can't just past by ... there it was a cute, very frightened puppy under a car on the side of the road. SO we picked him up and carried him back to the house. Now what ... now my good friend Sue started calling, I started calling, I went back and knocked on doors all to no avail. The no kill animal shelters are full. Disheartened my daughter and I stop at the local coffee shop. The cute barista handed us our coffee while poochy pooch was sitting on our laps. I flippingly say - hey just found this dog - you want him?

she said yes! I would love him!

Again that is how life is. Of course I was thinking why did I have to see that puppy, Why do I feel the need to save that dog? Well I did see him, and I did feel like I had to do something and THIS TIME.... Then again I think what if I hadn't bought the cup of coffee... what if I had gone to a different coffee shop?

But is all worked out ... life funny!

So that is the long story of my day. The short story is that I needed an easy little munchy before my party and here it is. The blend of the sweet mango, with the spicy jalapeno is wonderful. The combo of corn and beans is a long-time favorite. And who doesn't love the avocado. A splash of this and a dash of that and you are done.

mango avocado salsa by ann west

2 ears grilled corn
1 cn black beans rinsed well
1 jalapeno chopped very fine
1 mango chopped
1 large handful of fresh cilantro chopped
juice of 1 lime
salt & pepper
cumin - 1 tsp or so
dash or 2 of cayenne pepper
1 avocado chopped - add this at the very end!

I just loved all of these colors together and the taste is so fresh. Sweet yet spicy. Enjoy!


amy said...

oh! such a great story Ann. you are such a great person!

citymouse said...

Glad your wayward pup found a new home.

This recipe looks so wonderful. My little sister is visiting in a couple of weeks. I think I may make some to celebrate her homecoming.

pam said...

What a sweet puppy story! Glad he found a new home. I like how things work out that way sometimes. The salsa sounds great. Trying it today!

Natalie said...

Be-aut-iful corn!