{the dish} cheesy-easy enchiladas

This is my go to recipe for an easy to prepare meal that takes all but 5 minutes to put together and nobody would know you didn't slave away in the kitchen for hours! My kind of meal. Summer has been a beating so far...first week into it and already I am pulling my hair out. We are busier now then during the school year. Summer camps, swimming, grilling out with friends. I am finding it hard to slip away from the three kiddos to stock up on food for the house. Not a ton of cooking going on this week, so my cheesy-easy enchiladas will be had...for sure.

cheesy-easy enchiladas
by amy twomey

Prep ann's avocado salsa verde the night before. I actually try to always have it on hand because it is great on everything from eggs to enchiladas.

1 bag of shredded cheddar cheese, or monterey jack, either is great
bag of corn tortillas
avocado salsa verde
sour cream
buttermilk or whipping cream
salt to taste, optional

Coat the bottom layer of your casserole baking dish with Verde sauce. Heat a pile of corn tortillas on a layer of paper towel and microwave it for 1minute until warm, hot. Lay them on counter and begin adding shredded cheese to inside of corn tortilla an droll up tight adding it to dish. Continue to do until dish is full. Pour buttermilk or whipping cream on top on enchiladas and then another layer of Verde sauce and top with a generous amount of cheddar cheese. Bake in the oven set at 350 uncovered for 25-30 minutes until bubbling hot. remove, and serve with rice and a big salad. Easy meal, and the kids will love it. You can add onions too if your kiddos will eat them.

When you are not as rushed and can give yourself an extra 10 minutes to prep for dinner, be sure to try my chicken cream cheese enchiladas too.

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PS~Erin said...

Hopped over here while making my g-store list... This will be made this week, with the salsa! Thanks!!