{companions} icelandic grilled corn

by amy twomey

Ok. So the truth: It has been an extra busy week. I am digging here for recipes. smile.

We are making what I am calling "Icelandic grilled corn" this week because my oldest kiddo had to pick a place to study which he, or shall I say "I", then cooked a meal that represented this place for the International Festival Lunch held at the kids school. He picked Iceland. I know, random. And so we made Icelandic Mashed Potatoes which are basically regular mashed potatoes but we used this fabulous Icelandic butter I found at Whole Foods, and added a few t. of sugar. hmmm.... So, lots of butter left and what to make? Oh yes, corn! So here we are.

My little one helped peel the corn husks. Dad turned on the grill, and walla....we wrapped the corn with Icelandic butter, salt and pepper in tight tin foil and popped those suckers on the grill.

Everything is better with a side of buttery grilled corn. right?

And lastly, I feel that I owe a huge thank you to ann for all her time she gave to help with the school International Festival Lunch! I however skipped out and took full advantage on being kid-less and had a romantic lunch over hamburgers with my amazing husband. You are awesome ann, and you are very, very appreciated. I don't know how you do it!

*We love to add sour cream, a touch of mayo, heavy on the Parmesan cheese & salsa picante all mixed up and spread over our corn. So good. So good.


ann said...

Amy - you are too kind. The butter sounds great - and the corn spread shouldn't be missed. I am doing that the next chance I get. I can't believe that was my last feast :(. It makes me kinda sad. New adventures however!
Have a great day!


Char said...

i adore grilled corn!! so yummmm!

KristenB said...

I'm going to have to try that!