{splatter} cheetah souffle cake

cheetah souffle cake
by a seven year old tomboy with a flare for fashion

In a big mixing bowl mix:

2 t. sugar
10 T. cake mix
6 eggs

mix with whisk
18 T. of sprinkles
bag of m&m's
turn oven on 350
butter cake pan
pour on baking cake pan

40 min in oven, checking
remove from oven with oven mitts

Results are in: DO NOT MAKE AT HOME. This was a child-made disaster, first bite actually spit out by chef 01 onto kitchen counter. Successful in that it was a blast, yes! Please make this recipe at your own risk.

Lesson: we read recipes and start experimenting with flavors and measuring with more practice in the kitchen.


amy and ann said...

So cute and fun. Worth it just for the memories!


KristenB said...

That is adorable! I love your family. LOVE IT!

PS~Erin said...


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