{grabbing greens} spring salad

Spring is in the air, well we thought it was until they said snow again this weekend, seriously? loud sigh... Last week I actually heard the birds singing for the first time in a long time. I can not wait for this cold to pass through and be gone. I love Texas heat, and really I should not be complaining because our weather here is absolutely lovely most days. So onto the salad. I am digging salads these days. I am eating greens daily. Can't get enough, just love them. We are busy with life and as that happens less cooking is happening in the kitchen and more salads and veggies are being eaten. Easy, healthy and what I am into at the moment. I did buy a gluten free pie crust today and look forward to seeing what that evolves into this weekend.

Tonight is my daughters real birthday so we will be eating salad with her favorite "Sheppard's pie" and a special dessert that I better start making if it is going to be ready by dinner tonight!

Spring Salad by amy twomey


organic mixed greens


sunflower seeds


goat cheese crumbles

poppy seed gluten free dressing

Mix all ingredients to your liking. easy as can be. fresh and absolutely delicious.


Anonymous said...

this is my kind of salad.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

That salad looks amazing...and I am a HUGE FAN of Sheppards pie(growing up in the Uk and all)
Have a lovely sweet weekend.

amy and ann said...

Whoops - almost forgot my post amy! haveing too much fun in the snow! your post looks awesome!!!


pam said...

mmmmm, strawberries sound good. And crunchy salads too. stay warm and have fun in the kitchen today!

the southern hostess said...

I love salads like this. Yum!

Natalie said...

Absolutely delicious! Your blog is full of such beautiful pictures and delightful recipes. Adore it all. xo

KristenB said...

That strawberry is gorgeous!