photo by ann west

photo by amy twomey


amy and ann said...

ann ! when can we go shoot ?
maybe we can sneak away next week for an hour and go on a little fieldtrip. :)

great gum shot. I have one coming up too. hee hee

amy and ann said...

Who is that looming in your photo? That was fun and yes lets shoot soon. I will check next week.


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

LOVE both these shots...gumballs...so USA and the farm shot with the high contrasts reminds me of England here...
Good to be back visiting your Worlds...I have LOTS of photos to catch up on.
Sorry it's been so long.

Kotori said...

Amy, that shot is soo cool. I love how you've given it a vintage feel. Love it!

Rachel Follett said...

Cool shots!