{grabbing greens} cobb salad

A classic that I love. What more can I say. It is a great hearty salad that I rarely make at home but love to order when I am out. Not sure why. It is so easy and good. Make it yours add what you like and do it at home.

cobb salad by ann west

Here is what I am going to top mine with tonight:

hard boiled egg (not sure you can call it a cobb with out it)
blue cheese
grilled chicken
sun dried tomatoes
fresh tomatoes
red onion
black olives
oh ... and how about some avacado

sounds good...

now for the dressing...

olive oil
redwine vinegar
dijon mustard
1/2 tsp or less of sugar
pepper - lots

Shake let stand and dress the salad. I also like throwing my fresh tomatoes into this dressing and let them marinate. It is a wonderful way to add zest to the dressing and have some yummy marinated tomatoes.


amy and ann said...

oh boy does that look good. loving that it is healthy and something "I" can eat during my upcoming p90x. yum. amy

Joyce said...

I am so going to try both recipes. Have a golden weekend Ann and Amy. xo

Kotori said...

Cobb salad might be one of my favorites - I love that photo you took of it. Everything looks so fresh!

And, Amy, I can't believe there's gluten free pasta - I love the idea of that sauce!

Sorry I've been so MIA... what a crazy week... wish we could catch up at your party Amy!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

I seconds the Party!
Looks like the perfect salad.
Thanks for always sharing your goodness for us all to enjoy!
Have a great weekend.

LobotoME said...


PS~Erin said...

Yum, yum, yum! And that photo is yummy too!