{fill the glass} cider & spice martini

A quick post. We had a very hectic week. Basketball games, practices, volleyball, homework, holiday shopping, a workout or two etc...... You all know how it goes. It think it is time for a fun pretty drink and some relaxation this weekend. I might fix one of these when we trim our tree. enjoy!

cider & spice martini by ann west

2 parts chilled vodka
1 to 2 parts cider
squeeze of fresh orange juice
pinch of nutmeg
pinch of cinnamon

shake with ice
garnish with an orange twist and a cinnamon stick
pour in a pretty glass sit down and relax!

pair with some of shari's ginger snaps!


Shari Lidji said...

ann, this sounds great and the photo is beautiful! you make the best cocktails ever.


DesBisoux said...

that sounds like one yummy cocktail!
are you guys planning to put all your receipes in a book one day? just because i can't be trusted with my computer in the kitchen, around food...
happy weekend!