photo by amy twomey

photo by ann west


amy and ann said...

have a great day today friend. Love the colors in this photograph!

amy and ann said...

I love grey and orange together. Such a modern combination. Have a great day.


Shari Lidji said...

good morning girls! amy, i love the hard and soft of the oranges on concrete. ann, the chard stalks are super cool. the color is incredible. that is one sturdy veggie!
enjoy your day.

Kwana said...

These look so sweet.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Is that rubarb Ann?
I love the colours of both...and can imagine a wonderful blend of the 2 juices.
The warmth of the sun on those oranges make me want to travel South!
Oh, I'm running a contest on my blog for one of my "Once Upon a Time" original watercolours...thought you may want to enter!

amy and ann said...

Actually these are beet tops. I just liked what I saw when they were cut. But I love chard and rubarb too.
cheers! A

paula said...

rhubarb? I just adore rhubarb strawberry pie, haven't had it in years.

DesBisoux said...

love the contrast of color in bot pics.
the oranges in the net on the concrete is great!
and i love the unexpected perspective of the rhubarbe!
and lucky you...looks like the weather is quite nice down there...