{crave} day after turkey sammies

I just had to post on how we use our turkey day leftovers. My entire family has a little bit different way of preparing the left over sandwich but they are all good. So get those leftovers out ... I happen to think the sammies are rival the dinner the night before! enjoy leftovers - they are great!

Basics turkey sammies... by ann west and others

ann's fav...

left over thanksgiving turkey
cranberry orange relish
celery salt
toasted whole wheat bread

claire's fav...

leftover thanksgiving turkey
a little mayo
buttermilk bread - toasted
celery salt

another good one...

swiss cheese on toasted bread.
mayo mixed with tabasco sauce

What is your fav turkey sammie?

ps try out this yummy cranberry chutney for day after turkey sandwiches that Shari made from rotten bananas. I was a fortunate recipient of - how fortunate I am!

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Anonymous said...

Those recipes sound delish!
Have a great weekend!