{the dish} spicy shrimp - basic boil w/ sauces

photo by ann west

I know many of us don't like to eat foods where our hands get messy (probably something we get from our moms - "don't play with your food"). I get it, you are wearing white pants you don't want to accidently wipe your hands on your pants (probably something we hid from our moms). Or you don't like the smell. Whatever the case maybe ... it is time. With your good friend and family it is time to eat with your hands and enjoy it. It's kind of like playing in the mud again. It's fun! But if it is really a thing for you see below because I will give you a way to make this a not so messy experience! Either way the shrimp are good!

spicy shrimp - basic boil by ann west

2-3 lbs easy peel shrimp
2 cans beer
pickling spice
cayenne and or old bay 1 tbls
1 lemon cut in half

Pour beer into a stock pot and add spices, lemon halves and boil. Add shrimp and cook until pink. Usually takes 5 min.


cognac mayo: 1 cup mayonasie add 2 tbls cognac and squeeze of fresh lemon
butter sauce: 3/4 stick butter, 1 to 2 tbls worcestershire sauce squeeze of lemon
caper lemon aolii: 1 cup mayo, 2-3 colves of garlic muttled (crushed and minced fine), 1 tbls capers, squeeze of fresh lemon juice

or cocktail sauce is always good. enjoy!

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