{the dish} salmon with caramelized onion

photo by ann west

I couldn't resist this photo (even though these aren't salmon). These guys look like they are about to say something profound or perhaps sing a show tune. I first had this recipe at a "dinner club" dinner when we had just moved to Dallas. It was soooo wonderful and I was so surprised at some of the ingredients. Like dill and soy sauce - I never would have thought - but it really works! The key to this recipe is pouring the marinade over the fish while it is warm prior to cooking and letting the flavors meld. This takes all of the fishiness away. You can adjusted this recipe to your likes. Change the type of fish, change the herbs and invent away. I have served this for a few or many it is definitely a go-to recipe for me and the presentation is spectacular. enjoy.

Salmon with caramelized onions recipe by ann west

salmon fillet (make sure to get those tedious pin bones out)

3 tbls butter
2-3 tbls olive oil
2-3 onions sliced very thin
fresh thyme - chopped rough (reserve some for garnish)
fresh dill - chopped rough (reserve some for garnish)
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 lemons sliced thin
1 lemon juiced

Add olive oil to a saute pan and onions and caramelize them. I like to start out with a med to high heat and get the onions going. Once they begin to turn clear (about 3 min or so) I turn the heat down and keep cooking. And keep cooking and keep cooking. This time in the pan allows all of the juices to be rendered and the onions get soft and wonderful. The bottom of your pan will be brown. This takes 20 minutes or so. Now you are ready to add some liquid and deglaze that pan. I like to rev the heat back up then add the soy sauce. It should bubble and smell great. Remember to scrap the bottom of the pan. Add your lemon juice and chopped herbs and cook some more. After about 2-3 minutes turn your sauce off and let it sit.

Take out your salmon and rinse and pat it dry. Line a jelly roll or Pyrex with foil. Lay your salmon in the foil. Pour the sauce with all of the liquid and onions over the top of your salmon, add your cracked pepper and the sliced lemons on top. Close the foil over the salmon with some room left on top. Let this marinate for 20 minutes or so. (This also allows your salmon to come to room temperature).

Basically you are poaching the salmon in this marinade. Cook the salmon wrapped in the foil in the oven at 375 degrees or on the grill for 25 - 30 minutes or until done. Serve with some of the yummy onions on top and a pinch of the fresh herbs.


DesBisoux said...

GREAT shot!! if they do start singing, please put it on line!

amy and ann said...

oh yum. I am so making this tomorrow night! wow. and my kids all LOVE salmon thank goodness! This just looks so good. LOVE that photo! XO

Shari Lidji said...

fantastic shot ann! i'll take the how tune version. or perhaps the rockettes high kicking their way to the grand finale. thanks to for sharing this super recipe. it's a great one.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh, and I am a huge Salmon,dill and soy sauce fan...so I can't wait to try it...
LOVE the photo...my dad was a fishmonger,so many Saturday morning was spent hanging out at the Fish Market in London Uk...brings back great memories!

Anonymous said...

something about the eyes. Like they are saying - please don't eat me. I do like Salmon though : )

whitesiderun said...

Great photo Ann. -- I love this recipe. My family has always enjoyed it! sue

Elise said...

So... this is SUCH a clever post & you have the most gorgeously brilliant site here. It's all perfect !

I had to stop by to leave this comment for you – and to say hello of course ! Thank you for sharing it all and have a great Sunday....